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Project events

The Enterprise of Culture organised a programme of public events across the duration of the project, including conferences, workshops, study days, talks and an exhibition. Each attracted large audiences of up to 150 participants from academia, the fashion business, museums, archives and the general public.

Our approach has been to combine academic research with a strong commitment to public engagement and to working with non-academic partners. Our many public conferences have exposed large audiences the ‘Cultural Encounters’ theme underpinning our research. Our contacts with industry have demonstrated to industry professionals that academic research can be enlightening, enjoyable and relevant.

Our programme of events has included:

launch event in Leeds (2013), a study day at the V&A (London, 2014), and public conferences in Stockholm (Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design, 2014), Rotterdam (Erasmus University, 2014), Oslo (University of Oslo, 2015), Amsterdam (Denim City, 2015), and two separate conferences in Edinburgh in 2015 and 2016 (Heriot Watt University).

Other partnership events include a War of the Fibres study day in Leeds (2015), Rethinking textiles: Yorkshire edition public conference at Leeds City Museum in 2016 (both in collaboration with Rethinking Textiles) and four sessions as part of a public programme with the M&S Company Archive (2015/6).

Our final project conference, The Enterprise of Culture: the European fashion system around the world, took place at the V&A on 10 June 2016. This free public conference showcased some of the research from the Enterprise of Culture project.

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