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The Business History Conference, 24 to 27 June 2015

The Business History Conference, 24 to 27 June 2015

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Team members Regina Lee Blaszczyk, Véronique Pouillard-Maliks and Thierry Maillet will be presenting papers on their research at this year’s Business History Conference in Miami.

The theme of this year’s conference, Inequalities: Winners and Losers in Business, will incorporate papers from leading business historians from across the globe. In a panel on Saturday 27 June, team members will speak around the topic of New York versus Paris: The Fashion Wars.

Regina Lee Blaszczyk will talk about European fashion at Filene’s Specialty Store in Boston, 1920-1970 in Selling Fashion or Selling Style? Véronique Pouillard-Maliks will consider intellectual property rights and the problem of piracy in the Paris-New York fashion nexus in Navigating between High and Low. Thierry Maillet’s paper looks at The French Style Bureaus Become Key Players in the Re-Birth of the Paris Fashion System, 1950-1990.

A fourth team member, Ben Wubs, is a member of The Program Committee for the 2015 meeting.

This will be the fourth joint meeting of the Business History Conference and the European Business History Association. For more information, see the conference website.


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